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From the birth of Hollywood to the new millennium, Western Costume has dressed virtually every major star film has known. We’ve costumed many of the greatest films ever made. Western Costume is part of the history of cinema.

WebsiteWe have a right to show our pride. You see, at 97 years old we are one of the original motion picture companies in Hollywood. We were around during the silent era, the first Academy Awards, and the introduction of color. We’ve been here every step of the way, and it has been speculated that no one has contributed more to the movies than Western Costume.

And we’re still at it. Why? Because, we love the movies! Of course, we love television and the theater, too. We probably supply the costumes for your favorite network shows, and most popular world-premier movies and mini-series. As for theater, well of course Western Costume is used by the biggest Broadway and touring productions, but did you know we are the choice for many community theatre, college and high school productions? Of course we are, because we are among the best there is, and we make sure our services are affordable to every budget.

So take a look around. Vivien Leigh's Dress from "Gone With the Wind" Visit our Men’s and Women’s Departments. Check out our amazing shoe collection and the hats of our world famous Millinery Shop. You’ll find we have more kinds of uniforms than you ever imagined. Tour our Research Department, with resources as fine as any in the world. Shop in our Supply Store, where costumers from all over the world find everything they need.

Maybe your favorite film is “Gone With The Wind,” “The Sound of Music,” “West Side Story,” The Godfather,” or “Titanic.” We love those films, too. After all, we were part of them. With an inventory of over three million costumes filling seven miles of racking, plus an amazing staff of dedicated artisans. When you join the Western Costume family, you’ll be in very good company.