Costume RacksFor over 90 years, the motion picture camera has captured legendary roles in timeless film epics. During that time Western Costume’s apparel has adorned every star imaginable. Although we reserve the pieces of unique historical value, most of that wardrobe, and thousands of other costumes found in our inventory, is available for rental.Our rental stock is so immense that designers and costumers can literally dress “casts of thousands” in the costume of any time period. For example, the wardrobe crew of the blockbuster film “Titanic” pulled over 500 men, women and children’s costumes from Western’s early 1900’s collection. When the costumers of “The Road to Perdition” needed over 300 Depression Era Costumes, we were able to provide them directly from our inventory.

Hats We are constantly adding costumes to our inventory. Single items we find in tiny, out-of-the-way vintage stores, and entire wardrobes purchased from major feature films and television productions equally contribute to our extensive rental collection.

Our continuously updated and growing stock costume inventory has made our selection of costumes one of the grandest anywhere. Because of this, Western’s warehouse is often the first stop designers and costumers make when working on a film, television show, stage production, music video or commercial.