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President & CEO


Gilbert Moussally

Leading the Legacy of Western Costume

“I’m honored to be the new President and CEO of the best costume house in the world. It will be my mission to continue delivering the best experience possible for all our clients and preserve Western Costume’s legacy in the film industry.”

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Gilbert Moussally's journey to becoming the President and CEO of Western Costume is marked by resilience and dedication. Fleeing the civil war, his parents sought refuge in the United States, bringing six-month-old Gilbert to Van Nuys, California, where he spent his formative years. Growing up in the household of an industry tailor, Gilbert was immersed in the world of costumes from a young age. His father instilled in him the values of hard work and perseverance, emphasizing the importance of education alongside practical skills. These early experiences laid the foundation that Gilbert has since built his life on. After high school, Gilbert initially aspired to join the police force. However, the police academy's age restrictions led him on a different path. Under the guidance of his father, he secured a job at American Costume, and then worked his way through college while expanding his passion for costumes and knowledge of the film industry. His scholastic journey, coupled with hands-on experience in costume houses, gave him a balance of academic knowledge and practical expertise. Gilbert's career trajectory exemplifies his dedication to the costume industry. Beginning at American Costume, he started from the ground up as a floor costumer, pulling and writing up orders in the civilian department, before moving to Motion Picture Costume Co. Over the next two decades at Motion Picture, Gilbert rose through the ranks, ultimately overseeing the Uniform Department and serving as Vice President. In 2018, Western Costume President Eddie Marks was searching for the next head of the Uniform Department. Gilbert’s name was given to Eddie, and based on Gilbert’s impressive resume and glowing recommendations, Eddie knew he was the best person for the job. Gilbert joined Western Costume and immediately began overhauling the Uniform Department. His exceptional performance and business acumen quickly earned him the role of Vice President of Operations. Eddie recognized Gilbert’s abilities and spent his last few years at Western laying the groundwork for Gilbert’s presidency. “Working alongside Eddie was a privilege. He gave me the blueprint on running Western, and I’m honored to be his successor,” said Gilbert. Throughout his career, Gilbert has amassed a series of notable achievements. From managing the uniform orders for major productions including “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Top Gun: Maverick,” to orchestrating the seamless relocation of the Uniform Department to The Annex in 2022. Gilbert's contributions have been instrumental in shaping the company's success. His collaborative efforts with costume designers and their teams have consistently yielded positive results, even given the increasingly short turnaround times required by production schedules. His unwavering belief that Western can meet all the production needs while delivering the best service and experience for costumers has preserved Western Costume's reputation as the premier costume house in the entertainment industry. As Gilbert has said, “Our clients’ success is our success. We’ll deliver everything we can to help them achieve it.” Within Western Costume, Gilbert embodies a leadership style characterized by empowerment and mentorship. Preferring guidance over micromanagement, he fosters an environment where employees are encouraged to learn and grow. Gilbert's emphasis on personal development and organizational excellence reflects his belief in the potential of his team and the importance of nurturing talent within the company. Beyond his professional pursuits, Gilbert is an avid sports enthusiast and lifelong Los Angeles Rams fan. He enjoys going to movies with his wife, Shireen, and spending time with his sons; playing video games and going fishing together are a few of their favorite activities. As much as Gilbert’s father influenced him growing up, he hopes to show his own sons that their futures are limitless and model the same ethics that helped shape him. Gilbert has had many titles throughout his life and career, but being Dad is the one he’s most proud of. As President and CEO of Western Costume, Gilbert is committed to upholding the company's legacy while driving growth. He has already added new stock into inventory and has plans to continue expanding Western’s services and updating the building and grounds. His vision centers on delivering unparalleled service to clients, preserving Western Costume's standing as a pillar of the film industry, and ensuring its longevity for generations to come. Inspired by the magic of cinema and fueled by a passion for excellence, Gilbert Moussally will lead Western Costume into the future.

Over A Hundred Years of History


Since 1912

Western Costume has been a valuable resource for filmmakers for more than a century. In our History section, you will not only find costumes, sketches, fitting photos, and other artifacts but also learn about the talented craftsmen, illustrators, designers, and staff who contributed to the success of Western Costume Company.
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