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The Natural

You could say Gilbert Moussally grew up in costume design. His father was a tailor who worked between Motion Picture, American, and Western Costume Companies. “I would go in because my dad had fittings with actors. He’d say, ‘Go hang outside.’ I would wander through stock and if there was an open rail, I’d hang off of them. They were my monkey bars.” 

Following high school, his father insisted he work. It was natural to start in the business. Moussally began at American and joined Local 705. He says, “I learned how to be a costumer under the guidance of many people, most notably Ron and Michele Archer at Motion Picture Costume and Luster Bayless at American Costume. The experiences I gained at both companies were pivotal in shaping the professional I am today and paving the road to Western Costume Company.”

After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Moussally knew he had to step away in order to continue school and gave notice at American. “They approached me that same day I gave my one-month notice and asked me to stay on as manager. I thought about it for a long time. I was burned out from school and I already loved what I was doing. I love clothes. It made sense and I thought, ‘I can make a career out of this.’ I took them up on their offer. Eventually at Motion Picture, I became vice president.” In 2018, Western’s president, Eddie Marks, hired Moussally to lead the uniform department. Shortly after joining Western, he was promoted to vice president of operations, and upon Marks’ passing in 2023, he rose to president. The two worked closely, Moussally says. “Working alongside Eddie was a privilege. He gave me the blueprint to run Western, and I’m honored to be his successor.”


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