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The Men’s Department at Western Costume has menswear for all your needs. Our floor-to-ceiling racks have more than 100,000 suits to choose from, not to mention every piece you need to costume from head to toe: hats, ties, shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, and more. Every era is represented in the aisles and our experts are here to find the perfect piece you’re looking for. The Men’s Department continues to be the unbeatable source for men’s costuming needs, and the recent acquisitions of Rick’s Americana, Amalgamated Costumes, and the Dykeman-Young Collection have added to our beautiful stock.





Need petticoats or pajamas? 1950s day dresses or 1970s denim jumpsuits? Whatever it is, the Women’s Department at Western Costume has it. One of the largest vintage collections available, with thousands of costumes from every period, is here at Western Costume Co. for all your costuming needs. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the aisles to find everything you need to complete your look with hats, shoes, handbags, gloves, and jewelry.




The Uniform Department at Western Costume now resides next door in the Annex, a newly renovated 20,000 square-foot space dedicated exclusively to uniforms. Visit the Annex to find any uniform to meet your needs; we specialize in military, police, and federal uniforms, and you can find uniforms to outfit fire departments, prisons, post offices, restaurants, and more. Our stock is continually updated to reflect uniform changes, and our staff strives to ensure that every uniform rented from Western Costume, whether period or contemporary, is accurate from head to toe.


The Collection

Dating from the 1820s to the 1980s, The Collection is Western Costume’s premiere collection of costumes. This incredible asset has been curated over many years by combining a number of celebrated private collections into a single space. The collections of Dorothy Weaver, Patty Norris, Helen Larson, and most recently, the Dykeman-Young Collection, all reside in The Collection, in a dedicated climate-controlled area separate from our main stock. Both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories are available in The Collection and have been seen in countless award-winning films and television shows, including CHICAGO (2002) and MAD MEN (2007-2015).