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Research Library

Of Source Materials

The Largest Collection

Once said to house “the finest costuming bibliography in existence” by the Los Angeles Times, the Research Library has been a source of inspiration and authenticity for over a century. The Research Library comprises over 20,000 books, catalogs, and periodicals, in addition to 40 filing cabinets of clipping files covering all aspects of dress, both period and contemporary. Our materials cover fashion, documentary photography, military and civilian uniforms, folk dress, religious vestments, occupational attire, and much more.


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From Rudolph Valentino to Chiwetel Ejiofor



Western Costume has been an indispensable resource for filmmakers for over a century, collaborating on many beloved films. Our archive includes costumes, sketches, fitting photos, research binders, and other artifacts documenting the important role that costumes have played in Hollywood’s rich history.
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