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Shipping & Receiving

Without Leaving The Lot

Pack &Ship Your Boxes

Our Shipping and Receiving department can help you get that box anywhere from Atlanta to Zurich. FedEx, UPS, and USPS all pick-up and drop-off daily from Western Costume; another way Western Costume makes costuming convenient.

For More Information Contact (818) 508-2175



E-Crate: 42” X 29` X 27” (An E-crate holds roughly one rack of clothes.)

Large Box:  36” X 29” X 12”

Medium Box: 29” X 17” X 12”

Small Box: 25” X 13” X 13”

Telescoping Box: 42” X 29” X 9”

Wardrobe Box: 48” X 24” X 20”

D-Crate: 29” X 19” X 19”


The weight limit for both FedEx and UPS is 150 lbs. You can see all of our box and shipping options on our Supply Store website.


FedEx Express pick-up time: 4:30 PM

FedEx Ground pick-up time: 3:30 PM

UPS pick-up time: 3:30 PM

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